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Participation and well-being in residential care


We from the University of Siegen and Royal Holloway, University of London, have discussed residential care with young people from children’s homes in UK and Germany. These discussions resulted in a questionnaire that aims to document how young people experience their lives in residential care (including semi-independent living). At the end of the project, we will discuss the findings with those responsible for children’s social services and residential care so that they know what is good and what should be better.


We would like to ask you...

  • how you are involved in making decisions in your children’s home or semi-independent accommodation,
  • whether your children’s home has rules and what you think about them,
  • what happens if someone doesn't play by the rules or something goes wrong that is not in line with the rules,
  • whether you feel disadvantaged because you live in residential care,
  • what your relationship is like with your carers and other young people living in your children’s home,
  • how health, sexuality and personal boundaries are dealt with in your children’s home or semi-independent accommodation,
  • and how you are doing overall.



The survey is anonymous and voluntary. This means that no one can trace your answers back to you and that you can leave questions unanswered.


Please make sure to fill out the questionnaire on your own! This is the only way you can answer freely.


The questionnaire contains questions that can make you feel uncomfortable - for example, about sadness, experiences with overstepped personal boundaries, sexualised behaviour, insults or unpleasant feelings. You can always decide for yourself which questions you want to answer or skip. Please set your own boundaries. You can always take a break and continue later or on another day.


We're glad you're taking part!




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